Repair a Drain Line Breakage

A drain line breakage can occur due to age, corrosion, digging, tree roots, or severe freeze and thaw cycles. When a drain line breaks, serious damage can develop in a structure and the surrounding property unless prompt repairs are made. The leak may cause water to seep into the foundation, causing structural damage. Leaking water may shift soil, which can exacerbate the damage to a building. A wet foundation also invites vermin and wood destroying insects into the structure. An accurate and efficient repair can reduce the risk of further damage.

To determine the cost to repair a drain line breakage, a plumber takes into consideration several factors. The first consideration in an estimate is the depth of the drain line. Drain lines buried more than three feet below the ground surface require heavy equipment to remove and replace. Another consideration for the plumbing quotes is the extent of the repair. If only one small section of drain pipe needs to be replaced, the cost for this is less than the cost of a total drain line replacement. The materials of the pipe and whether or not there are obstructions such as trees or a driveway in the way of the drain line also impact total project cost.

The plumber provides a drain line breakage repair estimate based upon the length of pipe to be repaired, the materials cost, the use of heavy equipment for digging and for the service call. The labor may be charged hourly for people and machinery use.