Repair clogged drain

A home's plumbing system is an intricate array of pipes and junctions to move waste water from each sink, toilet and shower into the local sewage supply. Clogged drains do occur, however, making a mess of the home's interior if it grows out of control. Food particles, hair, foreign objects and grease are just some of the main causes of clogged drains. Without proper repair, pipes can backup or literally rupture.

When a plumbing professional arrives, he'll evaluate the drain for the best repair strategy. Plumbers may use camera technology to peer down the pipe for a better view of the obstruction. Each repair of a clogged drain has a unique blockage. Quality plumbers want to devise a plan to remove the clog without damaging the piping.

There may be a more serious problem with a clog further down the line. A customer's main sewage line extending out the front yard could be blocked. This issue requires extensive camera work and possible trench digging to isolate the problem. The professional may confer with another plumber to decide on the best course of action. These repairs can be expensive.

A plumber's evaluation includes parts and labor, depending on the issue. The customer needs to approve the initial estimate for the work to take place. Unless there are parts to be ordered, the professional works on the repair until they are finished.

It's critical to contact a plumbing professional for an accurate quote on a clogged drain. If they evaluate it immediately after the clog is noticed, the repair may not be that expensive. The local plumber is the best resource to keep a home's piping working smoothly.