Bathtub estimates- install & repair

When your bathroom is looking a little rundown, it is time for a renovation. The bathtub is typically the most expensive part of any renovation estimate. As such, you will need to decide if you want a replace-bathtub or a retile-bathtub job.

Bathtub repair estimates

The alternative to a bathtub replacement is bathtub retiling or refinishing the tub. Retiling the bathtub will give your old tub a new look. Factors in the estimate will include the cost of the tiles you select that can vary widely. Another factor is the labor in taking down the old tiles and installing new ones. The location of the bathroom will play a small role in the final price because boxes of tiles are heavy and might need to be carried upstairs. If your bathtub is chipped or stained, you might consider having the tub refinished. Repairing your tub instead of replacing it is a less expensive option that might better suit your budget.

Bathtub installation estimates

There are many factors that go into the estimates for bathtub installation. Part of any labor costs in an estimate comes from the location of the bathroom. The more difficult it is to reach the bathroom the more you will pay for labor. Bathtubs are costly. The cost can rise with the type of material used in the bathtub. If you purchase a tub made from dense material, it will be more difficult to get into the home due to the weight and raise the labor cost on the estimates.