Garbage Disposal estimates - install or repair

We all know that sinking feeling that you get when you hear your garbage disposal start to make a weird noise. You begin to wonder if it requires a simple repair job or will need to be replaced.

Garbage Disposal repair estimates

Many factors go into creating an estimate for the repair of your unit. First, a professional plumber will have to determine what repairs need to be done. If there is a leak, will damage around it need to be replaced or reinforced before repairs can be made. These are the kinds of questions that will have to be answered before you get a quote. The average costs of repairs run around $130.

Garbage Disposal installation estimates

If the problem in your garbage disposal is more serious than a clog or jam, it might be time to replace the unit. You will need a professional to install the new one. The disposal you purchase might be limited by the size available to place it in under the sink. The final cost of the installation will be dependent upon the garbage disposal that you select. The average cost of labor for an installation runs around $120 while the cost of materials, supplies and a new disposal averages between $200 and $225 for a total ranging between $330 and $355 for the total cost.