Leak Repair Estimates

Many factors are taken into account when plumbers formulate leak detection estimates. Scheduling, labor costs and materials all affect the final cost of a job.

The timing of the work is very important, as emergency work and work undertaken on a weekend incurs a premium.
The hourly rate of the plumber is also important. Rates are determined by the contractor's level of experience and expertise, and contractors who are licensed, bonded and insured are able to demand a higher hourly rate than those who are not. A quote will reflect the set up and mobilization costs of additional labor if the job is a sizeable one.

The anticipated cost of the necessary plumbing materials and equipment are calculated and factored in. The plumber will also consider costs associated with preparing the work area in advance of the job and cleaning up and removing debris once the work is completed. Leaks behind a wall or ceiling can result in a higher estimated repair cost than leaks which are easily accessible.

Finally, a plumber may consider average estimates for similar work in the same neighborhood and adjust their estimate accordingly to remain competitive.