Sewer Estimates - Install & Repair

Access to a sewage system is a must for any home. Most sewers are designed to endure for a very long time without needing replacement. However, as with anything, they will eventually wear down over time. A broken or damaged sewer can lead to unsanitary and even dangerous conditions. Toilet backups, overflows, and unpleasant odors are among the most common problems associated with malfunctioning sewers.

Sewer repair estimates

Many plumbing companies offer sewage rooter installation and repair services. Consumers need to understand what to expect in terms of price estimates for these services. That will increase their chances of knowing if a plumber is offering them a fair price.

A sewage repair estimate will vary depending on the complexity of the project and the extent of the damage. Homeowners can expect a relatively low estimate if the repair is a simple one. If the sewer main must be accessed, however, this will increase the price quote significantly because of the expensive excavation process.

Sewer installation estimates

Homeowners can expect high price quotes from plumbers who install a new system, as an installation job may cost several thousand dollars. If a sewer is being installed in the place of an old one, however, this will save the plumber time trying to discover the origin of the problem. It will also save you money, for it's likely that the new system will not break down for quite a while. It is important to note that a sewage installation job can cause major disruption to the landscape and must therefore be planned and executed carefully.