Sewer gas odor

Sewer gas odor repair estimate

Sewer gas odors are not just unpleasant to smell. They are suggestive of a problem with the waste water drain line and other plumbing fixtures. Causes of sewer gas smells include sewer blockages, drain line leaks, and septic tank backups. Sewer gas odor could cause breathing problems, nausea and vomiting in those exposed to it. If the causes of the odor are not attended to, further plumbing damage or structural damage to the home or building could occur as a result of leaks or pressure within the sewer system.

When a sewer drain line and related residential or commercial components are causing odors, a plumber takes several considerations into account when calculating a repair quote. The first consideration is the source of the problem. The cost of using heavy equipment to excavate broken drain and sewer pipes is another factor. The cost of materials to replace broken pipes inside and outside of the building is included in an estimate. The plumber's hourly labor rate and service call fee are the final components of the quote.

Most plumbers charge a service call fee to diagnose the cause of the sewer odor. This ranges from $75 to $200 or more. Hourly labor rates average $100 and up. Materials cost depends on the type and length of pipe needing replacement. Heavy equipment fees can add $100 per hour or more.