Shower estimates- install & repair

Showers are among the most important features in our homes. The constant, daily use that they experience mean that they are always in danger of wear and tear. Shower repair and installation can be expensive, so homeowners should know what to expect in terms of a price estimate from a plumber. Proper research must always be done in order to be financially prepared to pay for the procedure, whether you decide to repair your existing shower or install a new one.

Shower repair estimates

Repair estimates will vary depending on the size of the job at hand. Many different aspects may need to be fixed. Tile replacement, valve replacement, and faucet replacement are all common. The latter two should have similar estimates, but tile replacement is much more expensive. The drain can also be problematic. If the shower drain has become seriously clogged, a major plumbing procedure may be needed to fix it.

Shower installation estimates

Shower installation is significantly more expensive than a repair. This is an extensive project that is comparable to a full scale bathroom remodel. An installation estimate could amount to two or three thousand dollars, depending on the scale and the length of time the project will likely take. Although a larger scale remodel will be more expensive, it also gives homeowners the chance to enjoy having a fully renovated and beautiful new shower, which is particularly recommended if you're going for an extensive home remodeling job and are following the adage: "out with the old, in with the new..."