Washing machine repair & installation estimates

Washing machine repair estimates

When a washing machine stops working or stops in the middle of a cycle, it is time to get an estimate for a repair job. A few factors go into washing machine repair estimates such as the location of the failing part and the cost of the parts necessary to fix the washer. In some cases it might be a simple repair like replacing a water hose, or something more expensive like replacing the engine. The average costs of repairing a washer ranges from $250 to $275.

Washing machine installation estimates

In some cases, it makes more sense to replace a washing machine, especially if it is an older model. If the required repairs are extensive like replacing a motor, it might be more cost effective to replace it. Most homeowners will consider replacing the dryer at the same time. The major costs of installing a new washing machine come from the model a homeowner chooses to install. Washing machines run from basic economical models to high-end deluxe machines. The labor of bringing in a new machine and installing it are added into any quote received. Most of these costs will include removing the old model. The average costs of replacing a home's washing machine varies from $440 to $665.

Whether you opt to repair your existing washing machine, or decide to replace it and install a new one instead, the details of the anticipated costs should be clearly specified on the estimate provided by your plumber.