Noisy pipes repair estimates

Noisy pipes are not just an annoyance; they can be a harbinger of plumbing or heating and cooling system problems to come. A wide variety of issues can cause pipes to make excessive amounts of noise. These causes include extreme changes in water temperature; excessively high water pressure; and air in the pipes. Any of these causes of noisy pipes could lead to more serious problems including cracks, leaking, or even a burst pipe.

A plumber takes into consideration several factors when making an estimate to fix loud pipes. These considerations include the type of material from which the pipes are made; where in the home or building the pipes are located; and how much of the pipes need to be repaired or replaced.

A quote to repair loud pipes in a home or business will include a service call charge for the plumber to come to the location. The estimates also include materials costs and hourly labor fees. The quote may also include any sales tax or permit fees required to complete the project.

A typical service call fee for a plumber to inspect loud pipes ranges from $75 to $200 depending on the location and whether it's a home or a large building. Plumbers charge varying hourly rates depending on their experience and whether they're part of a company. Average hourly rates for loud pipe repairs can be $100 or more.