Pipe corrosion repair estimates

Corroded pipes repair estimates

Pipe corrosion can cause serious damage to a person's home. Corrosion of a pipe can lead to a burst water pipe and water flowing unchecked into the walls and onto the floors of the home. It is best to use a plumber when repairing or replacing corroded pipes. The cost of a repair is subject to a few factors. The location of the pipe will weigh heavily in the estimate. If the pipe is inside a wall or buried underground, the cost of repairs will be greater due to the labor required to access the pipe. Also, the type of pipe used to in the repair will reflect in the total estimated price. Copper pipes are considerably more expensive than plastic pipes.

Corroded pipes replacement estimates

Over time, pipes in the home will begin to corrode due to such factors like changes in temperature, material and the type of soil surrounding the pipe. Pipe corrosion can cause the pipes to leak or burst. If the pipe is in a hard to reach location, the cost of replacing the pipe will be higher than one that is easily accessed. The type of material the pipes are made from such as copper or plastic can affect the costs of replacing pipes in the home. Another cost to keep in mind is the cost of rebuilding walls and installing flooring. If the pipes are behind walls, the sheetrock will be damaged during the repair or replacement process. The average cost of replacing corroded pipes is around $1800. All these factors should be clearly detailed and reflected in the estimate provided by your plumber.